Green skills are to developed across the globe
Release time:2019-09-11

On Day1 of WorldSkills Conference 2019, a session “What are green skills? Making sense of the green economy” was taken place. The conference was open to members of the World Skills International “Global Industry Partners” and experts from 83 member countries. The experts discussed the need to explore and develop green skills across the globe that not only focus on sustainable production and green living, but also help us overcome environmental challenges in a systemic way. They touched upon an important issue of training human resources for solving environmental and ecosystem problems, as this sphere’s needs for new technologies and innovations is increasing.

The conference discussed the role of green skilled posts in environmental conservation and restoration, reduce energy and raw materials consumption, limit greenhouse gas emissions, reduce waste and pollution, protect and repair ecosystems, and have a positive role in adapting to climate change.

The WorldSkills International planed to set up green skills competition and to encourage competitors to control the wastage of competition materials.  The newly applied skill “energy saving optoelectronic technology” by Vcom is in line with the WorldSkills International green skills actions.  It will be widely implemented through the education system in order to promote green energy-saving awareness, in response to the UNESCO International Training Center for Vocational and Technical Education proposed green construction of Vocational education.


The skill“energy saving optoelectronic technology”developed by Vcom With the development and application of LED industry, this technology focuses on the sources of greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and its impact on climate.  The analysis of inefficiency has led to a shift in global legislation to support phase-out and eventually to ban the use of incandescent lamps.

The new skill is to create a new upgraded LED, lead the new era of green lighting and open a new talent market in emerging industries.

It will cultivate technical and skilled professionals in production, testing, application design, engineering design, installation and commissioning, sales and service of optoelectronic products, such as LED, in the engineering fields of production, application development and design, engineering application and management.