Intelligent optoelectronic technology training platform

Intelligent optoelectronic technology training platform

This training platform is composed of LED display module, photoelectric technology basic module, intelligent street lamp module, monochrome dot matrix screen, lamp installation module, etc. Students are trained to have the skills of drawing identification, process design, material processing, power wiring, assembly and debugging, information editing, management and maintenance of optoelectronic technology products. Based on the concept of integrating "teaching, learning and doing" as one of the teaching environment and the productive practical training base on campus, it provides a set of practical teaching solutions for the photoelectric technology course teaching from three levels: demonstration practical teaching, basic skills training practical teaching and engineering project practical training practical teaching. The practical teaching of engineering projects based on the working process of optoelectronic technology engineering fully embodies the characteristics of vocational education.

Product Details

  • Product specification

    1. Specifications: 1350mm*800mm*1700mm(length * width * height).

    2. Structure: ergonomic table structure, modular design. Aluminum alloy profile is used to make the frame, the upper body frame and the lower body frame can be separated independently, easy to disassemble and assemble; The bottom with universal casters, easy to move the training platform.

    3. Up to 4 people can operate at the same time.

    Product configuration

    1. Training platform body 1 set: wooden desktop with green anti-static radio pad, 2 drawers, 1 total power leakage switch, etc.

    2. Power module 1 set: dual station power supply design, grouping independent switching power supply, with 2 sets of fuse fuses. Configure the first 2 digital DC voltmeters, the first 2 digital DC ammeter, with 118 type three socket panel AC220V strong power output, 4mm banana socket DC+5V and DC+12V weak power output.

    3. 1 set of lamp installation module: the top structure has the function of stretching activity and fixing, and the power supply is controlled independently with the button switch.

    4. P2.5 display module 1 set,P4 display module 1 set. Both modules are equipped with measuring ports and independent control switches, LED screen assembly and information system editing and debugging.

    5. Module combination kit 1 set: 1 set of photoelectric technology basic training module, 1 set of intelligent street lamp training module, etc.

    6. 1 set of photoelectric accessories: including communication conversion cable and control cable.

    7. 1 mobile locker: three layers, drawer type.

    8. Power configuration: equipped with AC220V (50/60Hz) single-phase total power leakage protection control switch, equipped with an isolation transformer (maximum power: 2000W).

    9. Intelligent lighting application module and lighting control integrated training module 1 set: including switch module, LCD display touch screen (touch scene switch), intelligent sensor, intelligent LED lamps, electric curtains, etc.

    10. LED drive power module 1: LED constant current module.