Intelligent information network training device

Intelligent information network training device

Information network layout simulation engineering wall is a simulation of building engineering cabling and data center working environment, with the latest IDC data center installation standards; A set of multifunctional and extensible information network cabling practical operating platform developed by the modular design of minimum unit; It not only meets the practical teaching content of each subsystem of traditional integrated wiring, but also meets the university-level, city-level, provincial-level, national-level and world-class competition platform standards of the "Information Network wiring" project of the World Skills Competition. It is a set of training and assessment platform for training and selecting high-quality talents of integrated wiring. It can expand the teaching content of smart building, smart home, and Internet of Things engineering and technology skills training to further improve the utilization rate of the platform.

Product Details

  • Module name: 24U rack cabling device

    Gauge: Length 600mm* width 600mm* height 1380mm

    Special points:

    1, 19-inch black, front and rear grid metal doors, to meet the installation of 24 1U devices.

    2. Both sides of the cabinet are equipped with multi-functional mounting holes and vertical cable troughs.

    3, the use of high quality cold rolled steel plate, column :2.0mm, other 1.2mm, surface sandblasting, degreasing, fireproof rust, electrostatic spraying.

    Configuration: 2 sets of 24U open cabinets, 2 sets of vertical cable troughs, 240 cabinet screws.

    Module name: Protected wall type network cabinet

    Gauge: Length 600mm* height 600mm* depth 400mm

    Configuration: 1 12U cabinet, 40 sets of screws;

    Product features:

    Used in network wiring room, floor wiring room, etc.

    Used in network wiring room, floor wiring room, etc."

    Module name: Wire bridge

    Gauge: the overall length is about 2700mm* Width 200mm* height 100mm

    Special points:

    1, mesh structure, galvanized design.

    2, with standard link components, can be combined into the required form according to the environment.

    3, the bearing capacity is strong, it can withstand more than 100 kilograms per square meter.

    Installation: The main body of the bridge is 2.7 meters, 2 special brackets, and 1 set of connecting parts.

    Module name: Information network device holding pole

    Specification: High 1500mm* wide 100mm cylinder


    1, the actual project model is used to simulate the construction of high pole equipment in the project.

    2. Considering the bearing capacity of the installation equipment of the high pole device, the high pole device is fixed to the connecting cabinet by using an embedded fixing method at the bottom of the pole device.

    3. Simulate the safe construction process of the pole line, and the safety rope is fixed on the top of the pole line device to ensure the safety of the construction process.

    4, overhead cable supporting accessories

    Product features:

    1, the pole construction, can be installed overhead cable and connection equipment.

    2, installation of antenna unit, for the implementation of network construction.

    3, the installation of security equipment, you can install network security equipment, such as security cameras.